Summer Internship At NELCO Ltd.

The summer internship was a sneak peek into how top managements create and decide upon strategies. There were numerous learning which I will carry forward in my future endeavors.

Embracing the Pain

Every girl is excited to have a fairytale teenage, where she can fly like a free bird, take risks, fall, explore her identity, make mistakes, get love, make friends and memories. Memories that she could cherish for lifetime. The little 15 year old wanted the same beautiful chapter to be inked in the books of…

Colors of the Abstract

But she never thought she would love the prison she lived in because she had learnt to paint the walls however she wanted to with the broken pieces of chalk and the freedom from the thought ‘what would people say?’

O Captain, My Captain

Not many people will have heard this line. Very few of us will actually connect the dots with a certain Mr Keating, of the fictional boarding school Welton Academy

A Tribute

To the world you may be a teacher, but to your students you are a hero!

Unspoken Words

Little did she know that he had turned around and started walking back towards the car too, with a tear that he resented, rolling down his cheek!


These reputed brand names are nothing but a justification of the mistreatment and abuse. It sends the message that we all are in some way or the other part of such establishments.

Seek and ye shall find!

Running and chasing a borrowed dream,

we lived amidst the screams.

All it demanded was my soul’s gleam

to steer its way against the stream

A Reckoning

The trees grew in the swamp in clusters. The ground was squashy and you could easily find your feet getting stuck in the mud every now and then. The silence was deafening.  It would take you some time to figure out what hour of the day it was as little light came in through the…

Have we taken it a bit too far?

Appreciate the existence of people who care, people who love us or anyone who look out for us, for it is a fact that life does not stop if one person leaves, but I can bet that it surely doesn’t stay the same either!


let’s tighten the bonds that tie our hearts together and go with the flow, flow of time.