The Deception in Disguise

“Much of what was said did not matter and that much of what mattered could not be said”- Katherine Boo Isn’t it a problem with humans in general? Our species, having the best of evolution, yet is not able to express precisely. Animals, for example, are more expressive than humans. They are what they are,…

From Jurassic Park to a Jurassic World

Most of us may delightfully recall our memories of watching the movie, Jurassic Park (1993) directed by Steven Spielberg which became the highest grosser of all time until then. You might also be familiar with other movies in this genre like: The Lost World: Jurassic World (1997), Jurassic Park-III (2001), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)….

Pondering Nights

It was in the way She looked at the moon every night The gorgeous bright moonlight And the symphony of the twinkling stars made an unheard conversation with her She looked at them and the unfathomable universe and… The universe spoke to her with its million constellations, expressions One could never comprehend this dialect, but…


What exactly is destiny? In simple terms, it is the pre-determined future. It is something which is inexplicable. But one can’t emasculate the existence of hard work and its influence on our lives. The question is, how much responsibility should we accept for how our lives turn out? I strongly believe that we can shape…

The Caged Bird

The table was scattered with myriad hues of colours. The room was lit to notice even the slightest of imperfections. There she sat, looking at herself, decked up in a bejewelled dress. The tiara on her head made her look like a princess, differing from the treatment she gets. Her perfectly done eyes didn’t give away the fact that she had been crying herself to sleep every night. The red lipstick sat pretty on her pout, hiding the fresh cut on her lower lip.

The ‘P’ Word

There are people who cringe at other people. There are also people who cringe at situations. I am someone who has developed an irksome reaction to a material lately – the forbidden ‘P’ word – Plastic.

Why Should We Adore Black !?

Have you ever focused on the importance of the dark side?

The beauty behind every bright vision comes after a trail of appalling circumstances, which typically marshal us on the dark side.

Everything happens for a reason

“When everything is right, something is not right”, says my dad. It was proven right to me, most of the times with the various curve balls life had thrown at me and eventually, it did to my brother. With the new and great experiences that my brother had with the dawn of his college life, he did face a rather demotivating incident.


Trembling, falling, I’m trying to walk,
With people around, whom I’m trying to stalk.

Rainbow of Chaos

Dreaming my 4 a.m. fantasy while watching a movie, sitting in my hostel room and keeping up with what it had to offer me. Soon after the character focused on the word “Chaos”, my mind got lost in the magical work of thinking, ‘Is chaos the right word to define everything in our life?’ Then I realised Chaos is everywhere, it’s a part of the life we live.

Endings Can Be Beautiful Too

Ever thought how this world will end? Okay don’t go that far. Ever thought how your day will end? Did you even think for once that right after reading this piece of writing, what will be your state of mind? We never know what future holds for us. We cannot predict how things will turn…

Sun- Our Only God

Human history is abundant with carvings and writings, in the deepest parts of the oldest caves and areas as open and popular as the Pyramids of Giza, which reflect people’s respect and adoration towards the Sun. Every morning the Sun rises, bringing warmth and prosperity, the security of life, saving all the species from cold and defeating all the forms of darkness. Our civilization, way back, understood that without the Sun, the crops won’t grow, the life as we know on the planet won’t be the same but only more devastating.