Eternal Freedom

The human soul is not built to be a captive, it is meant to wander, to seek, to search and to learn. The yearning to live with it by its own nature leads one to seek eternal freedom.

Challenges for Future Managers: In Conversation with Dr. K. Nilakantan.

  “Manage constant and rapid change, manage the chaos that we see all over the globe, and still keep things going smoothly and ensure growth!”   Q. How do you see the future of business/economy in India? In the world?  India is now poised for spectacular growth, which will throw up considerable opportunities for the…

Prof. Pradeep Mazumdar’s insights on the Changing world of Marketing, Future of the Economy and what should the future students of IMT- Nagpur can look forward to.

  “Marketing now wants to understand customers not only as consumers of goods and services but as a whole human being. New areas like Customer Listening, Neuro-marketing have come up. The purpose is to understand the consumers not only at a conscious level but also their non-conscious brain activities, both being important to analyse consumer…

The Game We Call Love

On hearing the bell ring, she sprang up. She realised that she had been asleep for quite some time now. The cheap vodka had done its job. It had put her off to sleep, ensuring she could silence the million restless voices in her head. So far, the morning had been terrible and as she…

Breach in the Digital Fortress

Imagine you have lost the key to your safe. There is a single key and it is the only one that will grant you access to all your life’s savings. You cannot break into the safe or alter it in any way. This is what Equifax has done to its customers. Equifax is one of…


 I still ask “how selfless can someone be?” I say look at a mother, the epitome is she. Each time when fever crept; Sleepless nights, by our bed she wept. Dear Mother As a little boy I was scolded, I roamed teary-eyed; You took me in your arms, as I complained and cried. Each pain…

The Wonder

A person must adapt according to the situation at hand but should never let go of compassion.


Fading motifs on the wall are a reminder of time passing by. Signs that suddenly strike us and take us back to the days of old.


Perseverance is the ultimate key to success because only the ones who accept defeat are truly defeated.