Endings Can Be Beautiful Too

Ever thought how this world will end? Okay don’t go that far. Ever thought how your day will end? Did you even think for once that right after reading this piece of writing, what will be your state of mind? We never know what future holds for us. We cannot predict how things will turn…

Sun- Our Only God

Human history is abundant with carvings and writings, in the deepest parts of the oldest caves and areas as open and popular as the Pyramids of Giza, which reflect people’s respect and adoration towards the Sun. Every morning the Sun rises, bringing warmth and prosperity, the security of life, saving all the species from cold and defeating all the forms of darkness. Our civilization, way back, understood that without the Sun, the crops won’t grow, the life as we know on the planet won’t be the same but only more devastating.

The Beloved

The wind was silently whispering. Its subtleness sounded as sweet as Chandor’s wife’s melodious voice. But she was yet to return from her mother’s house. The only mode which would ferry her across the Hooghly to Calcutta was stopped from operating – harsh, ferocious winds and persistent rain had already wiped away dwellings on the western banks of the great river. Cyclone and heavier rain was forecast. Boats and water carriers were snapped; boatmen feared they could never resume their duties and provide bread to their families.

A Different Perspective

There is unparalleled honesty in kids; the aura of innocence enveloping those young minds, makes them endear. They give us a whole new way to look at life.


Today we all have big cars; big networks; big money; big awards.
But how many of us remember our first bicycle? Our first friend? Our first letter which we wrote? Our first pocket money?
There is no harm in forgetting our ‘firsts’ while achieving our ‘lasts’ but it is just that when we start losing the value of SMALL, we eventually end up valuing our BIG as small. Again in search of big, we ignore small things. But why do we ignore them?


A magic wand is a piece of fiction that our mind conjures in its search for fulfilling all of its desires, but is it only a figment of our imagination ? or is there more to it ?

Dream Catcher

There is a trend that has been spreading in a contagious manner across the globe; to own a beautiful ‘Dream Catcher’. It is a belief that it will free us from all the bad omens and negative aspects of our dream and will turn it into something fabulous with a feel-good factor. This somehow makes…

No Fortress is Good Enough

It was a damp, humid and clammy Saturday- a perfect day for the germs to claim their hapless victim. I was suffering from a terrible headache and thought of falling flat on my bed with warm coffee and blankets. But did I ever get what I wanted! Just when my bed was luring me towards…


Everything happens for a reason and there is always something good hidden in it. Decision making is an integral part of our lives. Every day we make decisions; some of them are taken with deep thought and consideration, while others are taken abruptly. But have you ever thought which of these is better? The ones…

En Route to Happiness

We all have our way of looking at things and that is what perception is. What we believe to be true might not even be a fraction of it. As humans, we have a tendency to believe only what we want to and not what reality is. As a result, we end up blaming ourselves…


If the truth be told Who are we than just specks of dust? Who are we than just meagre parts of the muck? If jails were just rooms, And dreams the reality. If death was just the beginning of time, Or the sun a meagre flashlight. Who are you if not me? Who is this…

Bombay to Nagpur

The thing about Mumbai is that if you go ten yards, you find all of the human existence exposed. It is an incredible carnival of life, there is a certain pace to it. There is a high-energy social life and the thrill of an exhilarating professional life. In Mumbai, the sea is calm but the…