My Cup of Tea

I walked along the lonely street,

I could feel my future so bleak.

But then I got an accompanying treat,

Which again made my heart so weak.

The Outsider

I sit on top of a cliff and go through the events lined up for the day. Two groups are supposedly having an encounter sometime soon. This is no different from the countless other reports I have prepared earlier. I, RX-891 have been doing this duty for the past 900 years as per the human time-frame. Once I had a hunch that things might get better when humans tapped into sources of energy which we call ‘Zlata’ and humans refer to as ‘Electricity’.


She turned out to be a lady, calm and poised,

A lawyer by profession, who never hesitated to raise her voice.

The wounds were gone but the pain remained,

Deep inside the corner of her heart, that incident always stayed.

She gave a subtle smile whenever she visited her past…

The Food Diary

Looking towards life at a personal level, food has always had its own special way of showing me the light at the end of the tunnel, an indescribable euphoria, the transcendent feel of that first bite and the infinite need for more.

Lost in Oblivion

I am ready to take the pain of death which might be equal to hundreds of crabs biting a human body at once. But wait… I don’t want my soul to get lost here forever… what if…

Wings in the Starry Night

Darkness sneaks upon the ground,

As the shadows become obscure.

The tired wings fly homeward,

Through a sullen red sky.

What am I Leaving Behind

Don’t be Sorry. If you would have appreciated the little gestures and been kind to others, the story of your after life would have been different. Valour, name, a sense of pride and satisfaction is what I did leave for the world. But what have you left?

The Winner, Who Lost

Yes, it is necessary to work hard to achieve goals but you need your people to celebrate those achieved goals, money can buy a lot of things but not the smile which your dear ones have when you achieve your goals.

Lost, To Be Found

And there in the crowd, their eyes met. Anya felt an instant connect. She found a sudden calm in the storm. He looked serene, but lost in the crowd, just like her. The look in his eyes said so much.

Wandering Souls

Meandering curls run across her neck Revealing a mark so enticing You would not wish to run your fingers through her hair. Arresting your soul with her glances, She captures your imagination like none does. A keen observer, her laughter echoes In your mind and opens up windows to your soul. Let me talk real…


That moment when our minds wander,
Distant from reality,
The whole world stands still
While we’re in abysmal fantasy.


Take some time out, be with the woman who never expects you to buy her any gifts, the man who never asks you to achieve any target, the friend who would never compete against you, but protect you from all dangers and perhaps help you financially sometimes.