In passing

Contours on a blank board – crests and troughs. A landscape is formed. The breeze channels itself along the shapes. The dust blows up. The silence is past – the dust trickles along. A sweet murmuring, almost like a whisper. The whisper creeps on – smoke rises. The dust sweeps over the contours baring bricks and sticks – unearthing something.

Secret Santa

It was the 25th of December and I was waiting for my Santa to arrive on his sleigh, although I doubted he will. I was 12 years old then and he had not come. The other kids were buying candies and new clothes as I wiped the fog off the windshield when they stopped at a traffic signal. I wondered that the kids have everything. Good food, good clothes, an easy life and most importantly a bright future.

Utopian Castle

His canvas seemed to be endless,
And his wishes, umpteen.
With the colours of his fantasy,
He dyed his future hyper-green.

He wrapped his secret wishes
And once again took to bed,
To wake up to a whole new day
With a new wishes to thread.

Happy Halloween

The cold gust slapped her strong; unbeknownst, Marlin picked up the candle and flared her gown. Before she could apprehend what had happened, she was on fire. Howling. Twitching. Screaming. The fire engulfed her; blazing up the skin, all teeth showing up, and bones gnarled up. Laggardly, all of the house at the end of the 5th avenue was on fire; ashen. Gone.

Wouldn’t you let me die?

As a child, she used to look under her pillow every day after waking up. Today was no exception. The only difference was that ten years ago, the glance was in the hope of a gift by her ‘lovables’ (her parents) and now, the hope was to not find any broken strands of her hair….

Forsaken Memory!

After an inordinate length of time, he finally decided to glance through her suicide note!

Years back, that day, nobody was aware when she started choking. The aroma was tender. It felt like every object in the room tried shouting at her to not to kill herself including that little diamond earring lying on the bed, which he gifted her on her birthday.

A Courier

They both had grown together sharing the same chapters of their stories. Words would fall short to explain their bond. Before one could speak, the other knew exactly what he/she wanted. Sarcasm and wits had been their usual way to address one another.

Road Back Home

Dinner dates with friends were awesome but the home made food was always missed at the back of her mind. After a long hectic day, when she was tired, she wanted her mother to pamper her with good food and settled room with blend of love by her father, showered in form of those priceless memories through those gifts she wanted and his experience sharing stories.

Behind the Mask

Success is not just equivalent to a bucket full of compliments and 5-stars rating, but success lies within the real you. It is your own self who has to overcome his bloopers and exit the comfort zone to enter the luminary zone.

O Harriet

An artist whose creative thirst you quenched with the quivering lips of passion,

Whose gory bits of soul lay splattered across the canvas of feelings


The ache is there but it has been buried,

So deep into the unconscious

The pseudo beliefs and stereotypes,

That brought me closer to reality,

The Window

The window saw him grow,
It saw him rise and fall.
It recognized his dreams,
Hoping for him to win it all.

It saw his morning prayers,
It saw his hopes and smiles