The Little Pink Diary

The little pink diary was inked with the scribbled stories of people she met, experiences she had, things she learned. She wrote like never before, her scribbles were like inspiring stories. The little diary was the answer to “I don’t know what to do in life”.


Everything Affects Everything!

Even though the reviews seemed positive, there was something common in their remarks. They said, “Hannah was a dumb person.” After which I realized that I thought the same thing while watching the series. I believed it was stupid of her to commit silly mistakes and to top it all, make creepy tapes about those incidents. Dumb! Yeah, she was.

The Sin

No, it was not just her mere poised body. It was like a goddess sitting there, some fairy whose aroma, charm, mystery makes you swallow your spit. And your body can feel that saliva going down through your food pipe, giving you shrills, making you want to jump from the highest mountain from where the fountain flows, to being lost in that fog where the god resides.

She made me uncomfortable…

How bootstrapping can help a startup in a country like India.

Bootstrapping is unique in its own way, it helps you to find and hunt down the right set of talent to work with and it also allows you to find the correct set of partners. When a startup bootstraps, it is bounded to get as good as soon as possible. Humans tend to put minimum efforts in any task, ignoring the fact that we do have some extra gears to work even better. Anywhere around the globe, a startup is required to learn and improvise constantly. Bootstrapping forces a startup to follow the same.

The Summary

In this reckless paced world, everything needs to be fast, short and crisp. People always talk about summarizing things. No extra details and no special terms and conditions. So here’s a summary of the learning that I took from my 1st year of MBA and B-School Life (or how I refer to it: It’sMyTruth). These words,…

A Snap of Branding: Snapchat | Snapdeal

Speculating the current story of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel belittling the Indian market as a “poor country”, not to mention its adverse impact on Snapdeal; it provides a great opportunity for Marketing Enthusiasts to learn the paramount difference between “Brand Identity” and its adjacent sibling “Brand Image”.


I am fighting hard to stay in slumber

Soon, I am sure darkness will come

Drag me out of bed, through the avenues

Where I had built my fortress of hope

To find that it is another gutter

The Tidy Room

Standing at the door of his room knowing that it’s the last time he would be there, Rumi closed his eyes while a drop of tear rolled down his cheek. A slideshow of the orange diary and its flipping pages flashed in front of his eyes. The orange diary… his book of memories of his college

The Maleficent Benediction

The human mind is meant to perform within an angstrom of nanoseconds; but think with a deep breath, aren’t we preparing a thing more than a dog’s dinner? Is this what differentiates us than the unsecured animals whose primary target is prey, prey and only prey? Well, what are we trying to learn in this world where the essence of time seems running with awe, yet the mind seems to be converged towards a pitch black desire?

New Beginnings & Happy Endings

Every step in life is like a new beginning, and if one learns from his past and also from the surroundings, the forthcoming step may lead to a happy ending that one has ever imagined.


It is said, that the path one takes is as important as the destination. Keeping that in mind, trains were my go-to for transfers. Every train journey was special. The scenic beauty of every route was different from the other in mesmerizing ways; sometimes so grasping, that all one would wish to do is soak it all in and never let the image fade away.

Is MBA worth the perceived value?

With boards like ICSE, CBSE, and NCERT in tidiness, primary and secondary education in India is still considerable but the graveness of higher education is often averted. There are hardly 10% colleges in India which impart quality education. Figures like 5-10% of Engineers or MBA graduates being employable depicts the sorrow condition of the mushrooming colleges.