Breach in the Digital Fortress

Imagine you have lost the key to your safe. There is a single key and it is the only one that will grant you access to all your life’s savings. You cannot break into the safe or alter it in any way. This is what Equifax has done to its customers. Equifax is one of…


 I still ask “how selfless can someone be?” I say look at a mother, the epitome is she. Each time when fever crept; Sleepless nights, by our bed she wept. Dear Mother As a little boy I was scolded, I roamed teary-eyed; You took me in your arms, as I complained and cried. Each pain…

The Wonder

A person must adapt according to the situation at hand but should never let go of compassion.


Fading motifs on the wall are a reminder of time passing by. Signs that suddenly strike us and take us back to the days of old.


Perseverance is the ultimate key to success because only the ones who accept defeat are truly defeated.

The Two Slices of Expectation

It is quite fascinating to see how people develop a certain kind of expectation from you, especially when you’re not obligated to any sort of covenant with them. It’s rather peculiar how the human mind works. If expectations were really everything, where would the creative souls fly to feel the breeze over their wings? You…

Growing Old

Winters make him cover himself more,
summers make him parched often.
He focuses on not slipping in the rains,
rather than enjoying, he is filled with caution.


Do not fall prey of words, be wise and make a judgement on deeds.

The Expedition

Looking back at the distance I had covered when I reached the top of the mountain, I felt proud of myself. We had conquered the Himalayan Mountains on our mountain bikes .

The Ink that Dries

So that even after I’m gone and away,
they’ll remember my words if not my face.