Eternal Freedom

The human soul is not built to be a captive, it is meant to wander, to seek, to search and to learn. The yearning to live with it by its own nature leads one to seek eternal freedom.

The Roaring Melody

One could easily tell that she knew she was the queen of this jungle. There was a pack of deer on the other side of the dusty road. We waited there for about 20 minutes but nothing happened. She gave us a brief look, ignored us, as if we were part of the landscape.

Mistaken Identity

He bid goodbye and promised to meet again if fortune permits and vanished amidst the lane.

Celebrate Life, Live Large!

people here believe in living life to the fullest, and they hate any constraint stopping them from doing so and I am glad to have visited the place as this experience up until now has definitely made me believe that we should Celebrate Life and Live Large.

Travel for alacrity and clarity

If nations could establish a nexus by knowing each other intimately , most of the present misunderstandings and disagreements would have been extirpated completely.