Sun- Our Only God

Human history is abundant with carvings and writings, in the deepest parts of the oldest caves and areas as open and popular as the Pyramids of Giza, which reflect people’s respect and adoration towards the Sun. Every morning the Sun rises, bringing warmth and prosperity, the security of life, saving all the species from cold and defeating all the forms of darkness. Our civilization, way back, understood that without the Sun, the crops won’t grow, the life as we know on the planet won’t be the same but only more devastating.

Dream Catcher

There is a trend that has been spreading in a contagious manner across the globe; to own a beautiful ‘Dream Catcher’. It is a belief that it will free us from all the bad omens and negative aspects of our dream and will turn it into something fabulous with a feel-good factor. This somehow makes…


If the truth be told Who are we than just specks of dust? Who are we than just meagre parts of the muck? If jails were just rooms, And dreams the reality. If death was just the beginning of time, Or the sun a meagre flashlight. Who are you if not me? Who is this…

The Confessions of a Shopaholic

The credit card, a magic wand that opens the door to a woman’s paradise, the mall! Why paradise? Because everything about a mall is attractive and beautiful! The smell of fancy perfumes, perfectly lined cosmetic counters, gorgeous dresses arranged to satiate your desires; all calling out, ‘TRY ME!’ Shh…! Not kidding, you can hear them!…

Slavery Inherited

  Many of us state self-respect and freedom as the reasons for wanting to become entrepreneurs and not working under someone else, but is this freedom truly enough? Isn’t it just physical freedom by nature? And in the truest sense, aren’t we all submissive by nature? When we meet someone, who is more powerful; we…

My Childhood

Life was simple with embarrassments unknown,

Life was hard with the schools still known,

When adulthood was waited to give us the lessons of life,

So that we could enjoy the sweet, sour and spice….

The Other Side of Amnesia

To forget each day the name of my favourite song.
To drown in amnesia, to un-know the reality of a new dawn
I am a man who ceases to be
Yet ceases to cease in this beautiful excuse called life.

Clean Slates

She was tired of being stuck in this downward spiral that was holding her back from achieving anything at all. She needed to find her inner strength, the will to fight, pull out the urge to get through this, from the deepest core of her heart. She was far too determined this time. Nothing could stop her. She knew, she believed that the next time she stood up, it would be to never fall down again. She put back all her pieces, like every other time, but this time she knew it would be the last.


This is something imperative for the new generation (in which I’m also a part of). We tend to overlook the past very effortlessly because of the happiness (materialistic or otherwise) showered upon us by our parents. Hence, we fail to remember the struggle they went through and all the minute things they did to give all that we have today without presenting a single sign of abhorrence. We might never understand their great effort but, looking back we can appreciate them and make us more responsible and accountable.


I am fighting hard to stay in slumber

Soon, I am sure darkness will come

Drag me out of bed, through the avenues

Where I had built my fortress of hope

To find that it is another gutter

The Maleficent Benediction

The human mind is meant to perform within an angstrom of nanoseconds; but think with a deep breath, aren’t we preparing a thing more than a dog’s dinner? Is this what differentiates us than the unsecured animals whose primary target is prey, prey and only prey? Well, what are we trying to learn in this world where the essence of time seems running with awe, yet the mind seems to be converged towards a pitch black desire?

New Beginnings & Happy Endings

Every step in life is like a new beginning, and if one learns from his past and also from the surroundings, the forthcoming step may lead to a happy ending that one has ever imagined.