The Voice of The Unknown

It was July and monsoon had just kicked in. The first deluge of the season was heavy enough to hold the traffic for hours on the roads of Mumbai. The traffic didn’t seem to move, and Gloria’s patience was running out as rapidly as the water from the overflowing drains. After waiting for forty-seven minutes…

The Sin

No, it was not just her mere poised body. It was like a goddess sitting there, some fairy whose aroma, charm, mystery makes you swallow your spit. And your body can feel that saliva going down through your food pipe, giving you shrills, making you want to jump from the highest mountain from where the fountain flows, to being lost in that fog where the god resides.

She made me uncomfortable…

Desolation of the mind

Imagination is a marvelous thing for us – is it not? We make castles, build empires, dream our happy endings and what not. But somewhere in all that muddle and glamour we find ourselves questioning our lives and our work.