If the truth be told Who are we than just specks of dust? Who are we than just meagre parts of the muck? If jails were just rooms, And dreams the reality. If death was just the beginning of time, Or the sun a meagre flashlight. Who are you if not me? Who is this…


 I still ask “how selfless can someone be?” I say look at a mother, the epitome is she. Each time when fever crept; Sleepless nights, by our bed she wept. Dear Mother As a little boy I was scolded, I roamed teary-eyed; You took me in your arms, as I complained and cried. Each pain…

The Wonder

A person must adapt according to the situation at hand but should never let go of compassion.


Fading motifs on the wall are a reminder of time passing by. Signs that suddenly strike us and take us back to the days of old.


Perseverance is the ultimate key to success because only the ones who accept defeat are truly defeated.

Needs and Desires

There, a glass of water; here, high-end wine

There, a burning candle; here, a sparkling chandelier

Needs; Desires

Theirs; Ours.

Love Dance

We take elite, barrel, axle turns,

Like angels in the sky.

You leaning against me,

“Lying in your arms”,

It surely feels like heaven.


Is it just me who loves the darkness,
Or are there others, too?
Light makes me feel the sadness
That I see on the faces in blue.

Wakeful Reverie…

Whilst the war of thunder rages on,

As swords of lightning clash against its shield.