Today we all have big cars; big networks; big money; big awards.
But how many of us remember our first bicycle? Our first friend? Our first letter which we wrote? Our first pocket money?
There is no harm in forgetting our ‘firsts’ while achieving our ‘lasts’ but it is just that when we start losing the value of SMALL, we eventually end up valuing our BIG as small. Again in search of big, we ignore small things. But why do we ignore them?


Everything happens for a reason and there is always something good hidden in it. Decision making is an integral part of our lives. Every day we make decisions; some of them are taken with deep thought and consideration, while others are taken abruptly. But have you ever thought which of these is better? The ones…

En Route to Happiness

We all have our way of looking at things and that is what perception is. What we believe to be true might not even be a fraction of it. As humans, we have a tendency to believe only what we want to and not what reality is. As a result, we end up blaming ourselves…

The Wonder

A person must adapt according to the situation at hand but should never let go of compassion.


Perseverance is the ultimate key to success because only the ones who accept defeat are truly defeated.

The Little Things

The tiny white flowers, on the bright green bushes outside my hostel building, with their daub of yellow in the center, have made me smile from the very first day. I even have a picture of me with one of them in my hair. I plan to preserve one of them and take it along with me when I leave this place, as a reminder of the beauty and simplicity that this place has offered.

New Beginnings & Happy Endings

Every step in life is like a new beginning, and if one learns from his past and also from the surroundings, the forthcoming step may lead to a happy ending that one has ever imagined.

Work for what you wish

When you realize there is no limit which you cannot push yourself beyond, you end up doing things which otherwise seem to be a no win. Someone rightly said path of happiness lies within. It starts with oneself.

Secret Santa

It was the 25th of December and I was waiting for my Santa to arrive on his sleigh, although I doubted he will. I was 12 years old then and he had not come. The other kids were buying candies and new clothes as I wiped the fog off the windshield when they stopped at a traffic signal. I wondered that the kids have everything. Good food, good clothes, an easy life and most importantly a bright future.

The Undefined Script

Being someone who has never left home even for a single night, it became extremely difficult for me to adjust in the new hostel life where I am not known and I know nobody. The thought of independence excited me always and not a single day in my life has gone without the enthralling thought about living on my own

How Will I Ever Get Out Of This Labyrinth?

At one juncture or another of our journey in this world we always find ourselves entrapped in the enigma we call life. Humans have not really decoded the true meaning of living, let alone the meaning of happy-living. But still somehow we have decided parameters for the same