Challenges for Future Managers: In Conversation with Dr. K. Nilakantan.

  “Manage constant and rapid change, manage the chaos that we see all over the globe, and still keep things going smoothly and ensure growth!”   Q. How do you see the future of business/economy in India? In the world?  India is now poised for spectacular growth, which will throw up considerable opportunities for the…

The Little Things

The tiny white flowers, on the bright green bushes outside my hostel building, with their daub of yellow in the center, have made me smile from the very first day. I even have a picture of me with one of them in my hair. I plan to preserve one of them and take it along with me when I leave this place, as a reminder of the beauty and simplicity that this place has offered.

Beyond Limits

A B-school provides you exposure which no other educational institution can provide. Guest lectures, industrial visits, presentations, case studies and much more provide meaningful insights into the business world that a student manager will face in the future.

The Red Fort of Katol Road

Where success is written as a legacy,
amongst butterflies that float and birds that hum.

This is the centre of learning and growth,
and for future leaders, their sole abode.
It is none other than IMT Nagpur,
The Red fort of Katol Road.

The Summary

In this reckless paced world, everything needs to be fast, short and crisp. People always talk about summarizing things. No extra details and no special terms and conditions. So here’s a summary of the learning that I took from my 1st year of MBA and B-School Life (or how I refer to it: It’sMyTruth). These words,…

Is MBA worth the perceived value?

With boards like ICSE, CBSE, and NCERT in tidiness, primary and secondary education in India is still considerable but the graveness of higher education is often averted. There are hardly 10% colleges in India which impart quality education. Figures like 5-10% of Engineers or MBA graduates being employable depicts the sorrow condition of the mushrooming colleges.

And The Winters Are Here

The leaves have turned brown again, the days have become long and the mornings are lazy yet again. It’s all the same, yet different.

Y = f(x) The Theme Of Interdependence

Some actions bring happiness and some pain,

All now think about their own personal gain,

A suggestion to be regarded as a fact,

“We all should think before we act.”

Wing it, if you can!

My heart says that I have reached the place where I’ll be able to shine bright as people are ready to invest in me here.

Living the Learnings

“The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuse, that’s the day you start to the top.” – O J Simpson Besides the nuances involved in Marketing and the balance sheets for Accounting, the most important lesson that the Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur teaches us is one that…

IMTNagpur –“Identifying, Innovating and Fulfilling.”

As one moves out of the old Nagpur city towards IMT Nagpur, one of the top B-schools’ in this part of the country, one cannot help but wonder how a premier institute with an in-house population of more than 800 people sustains itself at a distance well outside the radius of modern- multiplex civilization? The…