The Game We Call Love

On hearing the bell ring, she sprang up. She realised that she had been asleep for quite some time now. The cheap vodka had done its job. It had put her off to sleep, ensuring she could silence the million restless voices in her head. So far, the morning had been terrible and as she…

Clean Slates

She was tired of being stuck in this downward spiral that was holding her back from achieving anything at all. She needed to find her inner strength, the will to fight, pull out the urge to get through this, from the deepest core of her heart. She was far too determined this time. Nothing could stop her. She knew, she believed that the next time she stood up, it would be to never fall down again. She put back all her pieces, like every other time, but this time she knew it would be the last.

Wouldn’t you let me die?

As a child, she used to look under her pillow every day after waking up. Today was no exception. The only difference was that ten years ago, the glance was in the hope of a gift by her ‘lovables’ (her parents) and now, the hope was to not find any broken strands of her hair….

Beyond Borders

While the entire nation was drenched in the happiness of freedom, the Western Province, including the State of Punjab, that was partitioned, was drenched in blood. The British gave us our land albeit broken and shattered. The people of Punjab, parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat were left in a lurch. They were homeless, they had no idea which land they belonged to

Wings in the Starry Night

Darkness sneaks upon the ground,

As the shadows become obscure.

The tired wings fly homeward,

Through a sullen red sky.

Embracing the Pain

Every girl is excited to have a fairytale teenage, where she can fly like a free bird, take risks, fall, explore her identity, make mistakes, get love, make friends and memories. Memories that she could cherish for lifetime. The little 15 year old wanted the same beautiful chapter to be inked in the books of…

Pursuit of Happiness

Walk that walk and go forward all the time. Don’t just talk that talk, walk it and go forward. Also, the walk didn’t have to be long strides; baby steps counted too. Go forward.

The Reality of Exclusivity

Be what you are and think the way you like. The day you change who you are for someone’s acceptance is the day you loose your identity and hence the exclusivity of your thoughts.

A second chance

Don’t let fear get the better of you. Give yourself the chance to love yourself and be what you really want to be.