The Beloved

The wind was silently whispering. Its subtleness sounded as sweet as Chandor’s wife’s melodious voice. But she was yet to return from her mother’s house. The only mode which would ferry her across the Hooghly to Calcutta was stopped from operating – harsh, ferocious winds and persistent rain had already wiped away dwellings on the western banks of the great river. Cyclone and heavier rain was forecast. Boats and water carriers were snapped; boatmen feared they could never resume their duties and provide bread to their families.

No Fortress is Good Enough

It was a damp, humid and clammy Saturday- a perfect day for the germs to claim their hapless victim. I was suffering from a terrible headache and thought of falling flat on my bed with warm coffee and blankets. But did I ever get what I wanted! Just when my bed was luring me towards…

The Confessions of a Shopaholic

The credit card, a magic wand that opens the door to a woman’s paradise, the mall! Why paradise? Because everything about a mall is attractive and beautiful! The smell of fancy perfumes, perfectly lined cosmetic counters, gorgeous dresses arranged to satiate your desires; all calling out, ‘TRY ME!’ Shh…! Not kidding, you can hear them!…

The Pursuit of Solace

Be it in professional or personal life, we all come across situations where we get defeated. Situations where we lose something or someone that we hold close to our hearts. Dreams, ambitions, all of it seems to vanish in a split second. What happens next? What do we do next? Do we even survive the…

The Two Slices of Expectation

It is quite fascinating to see how people develop a certain kind of expectation from you, especially when you’re not obligated to any sort of covenant with them. It’s rather peculiar how the human mind works. If expectations were really everything, where would the creative souls fly to feel the breeze over their wings? You…


Do not fall prey of words, be wise and make a judgement on deeds.

The Expedition

Looking back at the distance I had covered when I reached the top of the mountain, I felt proud of myself. We had conquered the Himalayan Mountains on our mountain bikes .

The Red Fort of Katol Road

Where success is written as a legacy,
amongst butterflies that float and birds that hum.

This is the centre of learning and growth,
and for future leaders, their sole abode.
It is none other than IMT Nagpur,
The Red fort of Katol Road.

The Roaring Melody

One could easily tell that she knew she was the queen of this jungle. There was a pack of deer on the other side of the dusty road. We waited there for about 20 minutes but nothing happened. She gave us a brief look, ignored us, as if we were part of the landscape.

Much Beyond

“The joy in our hearts and on our faces is irreplaceable when someone praises us for what we excel in, wouldn’t it be amazing standing next to someone half your age and failing so as to get to learn something you do not already possess?

The Summary

In this reckless paced world, everything needs to be fast, short and crisp. People always talk about summarizing things. No extra details and no special terms and conditions. So here’s a summary of the learning that I took from my 1st year of MBA and B-School Life (or how I refer to it: It’sMyTruth). These words,…


It is said, that the path one takes is as important as the destination. Keeping that in mind, trains were my go-to for transfers. Every train journey was special. The scenic beauty of every route was different from the other in mesmerizing ways; sometimes so grasping, that all one would wish to do is soak it all in and never let the image fade away.