A Different Perspective

There is unparalleled honesty in kids; the aura of innocence enveloping those young minds, makes them endear. They give us a whole new way to look at life.

Bombay to Nagpur

The thing about Mumbai is that if you go ten yards, you find all of the human existence exposed. It is an incredible carnival of life, there is a certain pace to it. There is a high-energy social life and the thrill of an exhilarating professional life. In Mumbai, the sea is calm but the…

Slavery Inherited

  Many of us state self-respect and freedom as the reasons for wanting to become entrepreneurs and not working under someone else, but is this freedom truly enough? Isn’t it just physical freedom by nature? And in the truest sense, aren’t we all submissive by nature? When we meet someone, who is more powerful; we…


Fading motifs on the wall are a reminder of time passing by. Signs that suddenly strike us and take us back to the days of old.

In passing

Contours on a blank board – crests and troughs. A landscape is formed. The breeze channels itself along the shapes. The dust blows up. The silence is past – the dust trickles along. A sweet murmuring, almost like a whisper. The whisper creeps on – smoke rises. The dust sweeps over the contours baring bricks and sticks – unearthing something.

What am I Leaving Behind

Don’t be Sorry. If you would have appreciated the little gestures and been kind to others, the story of your after life would have been different. Valour, name, a sense of pride and satisfaction is what I did leave for the world. But what have you left?