A Snap of Branding: Snapchat | Snapdeal

Speculating the current story of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel belittling the Indian market as a “poor country”, not to mention its adverse impact on Snapdeal; it provides a great opportunity for Marketing Enthusiasts to learn the paramount difference between “Brand Identity” and its adjacent sibling “Brand Image”.

Lessons from Coca-Cola: Intangible Benefits, Intangible Emotions.

Snippets of everyday life, awesome background track and incomparable story-telling skills! Yes! As my Faculty used to say, “A Brand is what a Brand does!” and truly, Coca-Cola around the globe does just one thing, “Spreading Happiness” while making you “Taste the Feeling”!

Lost insight Or Opportunity to Gain one?

Be it strolling on the streets of Ahmadabad or rushing into a Mumbai local train, the way i observe advertisements would definitely differ from the rest half-a-million people.