O Harriet

O Harriet, you’ll never know how lovingly I look upon you,

For my mind is convinced that you’re the one I was seeking.

And I’ve lived a blissful life with you somewhere,

Somewhere far, far away,

Away from the norms of what is wrong and right,

Tucked away underneath the light of love,

Like a spotlight it shone on our little bundles of joy,

On our little house perched comfortably atop the secluded mountain of trust,

But alas! The eclipse of truth and reality broke my visceral world of affection,

And here I’am, nothing but a mere stranger to you.

An artist whose creative thirst you quenched with the quivering lips of passion,

Whose gory bits of soul lay splattered across the canvas of feelings,

Testament to the fickle nature of love, or should I say unrequited love…

But I will always smile and think, whilst you so lovingly stab my soul, how breathtakingly beautiful you are…

I am never to speak to you, but I’ll wait till the end of time, if that’s what it takes,

For one day O Harriet, I hope you might realize how lovingly I look upon you…

And we won’t be strangers anymore… One day…

P.S. If only you knew.

Abhishek Sathian | PGDM 2016-18



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