The Window

Lost in the world’s bewilderment,
Consumed by norms and rules,
He found himself in shackles,
Unable to escape, even if he could.

No one heed his misery,
Nobody got his lingo.
The only witness of his pain,
Was the glass window.

The window saw him grow,
It saw him rise and fall.
It recognized his dreams,
Hoping for him to win it all.

It saw his morning prayers,
It saw his hopes and smiles.
It saw the tears roll down his cheek
And heard his silent cries.

It gave him rays of bliss,
And ceased the tears of heaven.
It let it in breezes of tranquility
Which was its own beckon.

It read his mind clearly
When he rests his elbows on the sill.
It lent a shoulder to his head,
Hoping things would go uphill.

Alas! It just stood there,
After all it was just a window.
Even though he suffered in silence,
It heard his cries slowly crescendo.

It all had to end one day,
The day it poured in mass.
It accepted the emptiness that day,
And tears rolled down the glass.

Himanshu Chiripal | PGDM 2016-18




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